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Australia Solicitations

Abt Associates is defined by its mission: to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people worldwide. Our global staff works in more than 60 countries and our work is funded by governments, international organizations and the private sector.

We depend on a variety of partner organizations, businesses, and independent contractors to support client projects. We focus on selecting the right partner by conducting competitive procurements to obtain the best value. Depending on the need and requirements, we issue tenders for quotations (RFQs), requests for proposals (RFPs), requests for information (RFIs), requests for applications (RFAs), and independent contractor opportunities. Our grant and tender processes are competitive and are consistent with the Australian Commonwealth Procurement and Grant Guidelines.

We do not accept unsolicited applications for opportunities that are not specified here.



RFQ: PATH-2023-030 Fiduciary Agent for Morobe Provincial Health Authority under the Accelerated Immunisation and Health System Strengthening (AIHSS) Phase 2 Program


PATH is a 5-year (01 Aug 2020-30 June 2025) health sector program funded by the Australian Government under the Papua New Guinea – Australia Partnership for Development. PATH works collaboratively with the PNG Government to improve coverage and quality of health services for the people of PNG through effective, equitable, efficient, and inclusive interventions. With guidance from the NDoH, the PHAs and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville Department of Health (BDoH) are responsible for the management and delivery of health services across PNG. PATH assists these organisations to strengthen systems for health service delivery for women’s health (especially maternal health), children’s health, reproductive health, infectious diseases, and women’s and persons with disabilities’ leadership in health reform.

Scope of Services

AIHSS2 is supported by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the New Zealand Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance. AIHSS2 will continue to support the essential requirements for improvements in immunisation coverage across selected provinces/ARoB. The new phase of the program will have an increased emphasis on supporting immunisation as part of integrated primary health care and promoting sustainability, including through alignment to government systems. Further detail is included in the AIHSS2 design document.

This RFQ is seeking a contractor to work specifically with Morobe Provincial Health Authority and provide accounting and financial advisory services. Specifically the contactor will:

1) Perform accounting services and financial monitoring as follows:

  • Receive, manage, and oversee the AIHSS2 project funds.
  • Maintain revenue and expenditure ledgers against approved budgets.
  • Review expenditure claims and payments, and ensure compliance to procedures and General orders.
  • Ensure acquittals are provided in a timely manner before request or release of new funding.
  • Provide monthly transaction listings.
  • Lead on the submission of the quarterly financial reports.
  • Assist Morobe PHA in the development and review of AIHSS2 workplan and budget.

2) Deliver professional services required to ensure proper accounting processes and internal controls are in place.
3) Conduct independent initial assessment of the Morobe Corrective Action Plan (CAP) implementation in Quarter 1 and mid assessment in Quarter 3 of 2024.
4) Spend an initial one month in person in Lae, and then an additional week in person every quarter. All other ongoing support could be provided remotely if the service provider wasn’t based in Lae.
5) Timely participation and support of the annual grant audit or other compliance requirements.
6) Provide financial consultancy services or PFM assessments as and when requested by PATH.

Further detail on the scope is included in the full RFQ document.

Approach to Market

Those interested in participating in this approach can request the RFQ documents from the Abt Associates Contact Officer via email address – or can access the RFQ documents online from

The Grant Opportunity documentation is made up of the following:

  1. RFQ Schedule 1-_Fiduciary Agent_MOR PHA
  2. RFQ Schedule 2-_Fiduciary Agent_MOR PHA
  3. RFQ Schedule 3-_Subcontract Agreement
  4. AIHSS Phase 2-_Final Design Document

The closing date and time for submissions is on Sunday 29th October at 5:30 PM, PNG local time.

Enquiries should be made to


Request for Proposal: IW-RFP-2023-02 Gender Equality Campaigns and Communities of Practice

Investing in Women: Women in Inclusive Sustainable Economic Recovery (IW) is a multi-country Australian Government initiative in Southeast Asia that seeks to accelerate women’s economic empowerment through increased and equitable opportunities in the private sector, contributing to inclusive, sustainable economic recovery and growth in targeted countries. Our objective is to support women to thrive in the workplace and succeed in business.

IW’s overall development objective is to demonstrate gender equality by supporting women to thrive in the workplace and succeed in business. Workstream 3: Campaigns and Communities of Practice, the need for local leadership, innovation, and action to address barriers to women’s economic empowerment. It seeks to leverage positive examples to catalyse broader adoption of gender equality.

Through this RFP, IW is looking for partners in Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia, who will implement a three-pronged approach of campaigns, Communities of Practice, and evidence-building to promote positive examples of gender equality towards greater support for women’s economic empowerment among 18- to 40-year-old employees and entrepreneurs.

To be eligible, an organisation or consortium must:

  • Have existing presence and implementation experience in the country or countries targeted in the proposal (Vietnam, the Philippines, and/or Indonesia).
  • Demonstrate experience in implementing broad-reaching campaigns using a range of channels and approaches, including social media.
  • Demonstrate experience and/or capability to implement Communities of Practice or similar comunity-building and/or community-based learning models.
  • Demonstrate monitoring, evaluation, and research capability.
  • Demonstrate experience in gender advocacy or articulate through the proposal how gender expertise will be integrated and resourced.
  • Be a legitimate entity/organisation (individuals are not eligible to apply).
  • Not be on any Sanctions Lists.
  • Not be involved in terrorism in any way.

The Request for Proposal can be found on

Parties interested in this RFP may register such interest by emailing using the subject line “Gender Equality Campaigns and Communities of Practice – Registration.” This will allow IW to provide you with any updates prior to the Proposal Closing Time and Date. Registration details must include:

(a) Institution/Company/Entity Name;
(b) Nominated Representative of the Entity; and
(c) Contact Details (office address, email, and phone).

Parties that have not registered their interest may still submit Proposals but will not receive updates prior to the Proposal Closing Time and Date.

Proposals must be submitted electronically to before the Proposal Closing Time and Date, using the subject line: “Gender Equality Campaigns and Communities of Practice – Proposal.” All Proposals must be received in PDF format.

The tender for proposals will close at 5:00 pm Philippine Standard Time, 15 November 2023.

Any clarification or enquiries from interested parties must be submitted no later than 5:00 pm Philippine Standard Time, 8 November 2023 through, with subject line: “Gender Equality Campaigns and Communities of Practice – Query.”


PIE-2023-039 Technical Assistance to Support Integration and Digitization of Teacher Information Systems in Papua New Guinea


Government of Australia (GoA) in partnership with the Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG) are delivering the Partnerships for Improving Education (PIE) managed by Abt Associates. The PIE program is an eight (8) year investment in teaching and learning and is designed to improve access, equity, and student learning outcomes in the early grades through a capacity development, systems strengthening approach. The PIE program aims to improve data and evidence for systemic change within the education sector.

Scope of Services

The PIE Program is seeking proposals from service providers to support the ICT Division and various divisions and departments of the Ministry of Education based in Papua New Guinea including but not limited to the National Department of Education (NDoE), Teaching Service Commission (TSC), Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST), Provincial Divisions of Education (PDoEs), Bougainville Department of Education (BDoE). The service provider will support the ICT Division in scoping technical requirements to integrate and/or replace the existing systems intended to support various units of the Ministry as outlined above.

Approach to Market

Those interested in participating in this approach can request the RFP documentation from the Abt Associates Contact Officer at email address – or can access the RFQ documents online from

The RFP documentation is made up of the following:

The closing date and time for submissions is on Friday 20 October 2023 at 5:00 PM, PNG local time.

All enquiries should be made via emails only to



Request for Proposal: IW-RFP-2023-01 Gender Lens Investing Market Building


Abt Associates (ACN 091591294) is managing Investing in Women (IW), an initiative of the Australian Government. IW seeks to accelerate gender equality by supporting women to thrive in the workplace and succeed in business in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

As IW enters its second phase, an upstream knowledge gap has been identified among capital providers, including Limited Partners (LPs) such as high-net worth individuals (HNWIs), next generation investors, family offices/foundations, asset allocators, university endowments, pension funds, and sovereign worth funds. A study by the International Finance Corporation found that 65% of LPs – also known as capital providers - say they care about gender but only 25% ask about it when assessing investment partners and funds.  This disconnect in the continuum of capital is an opportunity for IW to add value by collaborating with key ecosystem stakeholders to close the knowledge gap, change LP perceptions around GLI, and catalyze greater demand among LPs for GLI products.

The IW hypothesis around market building is:

  • if capital providers understand the value of GLI in terms of mitigating risks and realising untapped market opportunity,
  • and they ask GPs how they integrate gender into their investment theses,
  • then GPs will respond and more quickly embrace GLI, tapping into the existing training that is already available in the market.

This shift in demand for GLI strategies among LPs will catalyse increased GLI offerings, which will fuel increases in capital available to businesses that support women and result in women succeeding in business and thriving in the workplace.

GLI Learning Strategy Design

We will seek multiple partners to lead on activities that (1) will help increase capital providers’ understanding about the social impact value that investing in women creates, (2) will showcase and further develop the business case for stronger financial return when intentionally targeting women, and (3) will facilitate the incorporation of GLI practices to manage investor risks. The goal of the activities proposed is to increase demand among capital providers for GLI strategies and products by raising their awareness and empowering them with tools.

We seek highly credible partners, who already have strong networks among capital providers and are interested in LP capacity building, peer-to-peer learning, tool creation/adaptation, and thought leadership around investing in women. For IW, we define this array of potential activities proposed by potential partners as a GLI learning strategy. We request that potential partners articulate in their GLI learning strategy for how Asian investors (or global investors investing in ASEAN, particularly IW target countries) will be engaged and access GLI knowledge and tools.

We welcome a multi-prong learning strategy that may be comprised of any/all of the following: peer-to-peer learning, showcasing case studies, development/adaptation of LP GLI tools, actionable research, thought leadership, and/or building a stronger East-West community among capital providers interested in GLI. We will prioritise collaborations where partners have existing presence in Asia, particularly ASEAN, or are interested in deepening their work with ASEAN impact investors. We are open to partners recommending the best entry point, given their members’ current level of GLI knowledge. We are also open to proposals from consortiums that expand the reach to capital providers.


The activities may be global in nature. However, we ask partners to provide a clearly articulated plan on how global activities directly benefit ASEAN with an emphasis on the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


Proposal duration should be for no less than 24 months with extensions available until June 2027. Activities should ideally commence anytime between Oct – Dec 2023.


Multiple awards may be provided, up to AU$1 million per award over entire contract duration.

Funding may vary from year to year depending on the agreed activities. The maximum funding that may be allocated under this arrangement to any individual Proposal is AUD 350,000 annually. Funding will be negotiated on a case by case basis according to criteria such as Value for Money. Any final decision will be based on the results of the selection and due diligence processes.

Approach to Market

The Request for Proposal can be found on

The tender for proposals will close at 5:00 pm Philippine Standard Time, 11 August 2023.


Enquiries should be made to IW Contracts at


Request for Proposal: 3020-2023 Travel Management Services


Abt Associates is a mission-driven, global leader in research, evaluation and implementing programs in the fields of health, social and environmental policy, and international development. Known for its rigorous approach to solving complex challenges, Abt Associates is regularly ranked as one of the top 20 global research firms and was named one of the 40 international development innovators. It has corporate offices in the U.S., Australia and the U.K., and program offices in more than 50 countries. The Abt Associates Australia (Abt) corporate head office is located in Brisbane, Australia with a program office located in Canberra, Australia.

Abt’s international development portfolio has programs located in many places across Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, with international offices based in Port Moresby, Manila, Philippines, Solomon Islands and multiple others. It also has other global business connections with the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK) and many other locations. These business activities require a high level of travel and mobilisation/de-mobilisation of personnel both domestically and internationally. Abt is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all those traveling.

Scope of Services

Abt is seeking the submission of a proposal by a suitably equipped, Australian-based travel management company (TMC) to undertake the management of its business travel portfolio and assist in the various functions of travel booking, reporting, policy management and account management.

Abt is seeking to partner with a competent TMC that has experience providing similar services to organisations comparable to Abt (international development/aid/NGO etc.) and extensive global experience and reach in full ticketing and reservation services for all commercial modes of domestic and international travel, via an online booking tool and full service agent services.

Request for Proposal

Interested parties may request the RFP documentation via email at or can access the RFP documents online from

The RFP documentation is made up of the following:

The closing date and time for submissions is Wednesday 09 August 2023, 5:00 PM AEST.

ADDENDUM 1 - issued 24 July 2023; documentation available via email request from or online via

ADDENDUM 2 - issued 2 August 2023; documentation available via email request from or online via

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