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Madagascar country page quote

The fight against malaria is not only about getting rid of the disease, but also about the safety and environmental impact of doing so.
Tahina Masihelison
PMI AIRS Environmental Compliance Officer

Building Strong Communities

Madagascar, as one of the poorest countries in the world, relies heavily on foreign aid. But it has a wealth of natural assets: Approximately 90 percent of its plant and animal life is native to and found only there.

In Madagascar, Abt Associates is working to reduce the prevalence and impact of malaria and also working with the private health sector to increase access to finance, service quality, access to universal health coverage and government stewardship of the private health sector. As part of the USAID Local Health System Sustainability Project (LHSS), Abt is working with the government of Madagascar to identify ways to increase the resources available for health, and to plan out a feasible pathway to provide financial protection of health for the population. Ultimately, all citizens of Madagascar will benefit from a strengthened health system that offers accessible, affordable, high-quality essential health services without fear of financial hardship.

The number of AccèsBanque staff members Abt helped train to facilitate increased access to capital for private health care providers.