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Representations & Certifications

Upon request by Abt Associates, suppliers must submit a signed Representations and Certifications form or notify us that current Representations and Certifications appear on the U.S. Government Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) website. Individual consultants must complete Part A and Part F of the form. Additional representations and certifications may also be required. Failure to furnish the certifications may result in rejection of supplier’s bid(s) or proposal(s) or otherwise be deemed non-responsive. 


1. Click on the link to the Representations and Certifications form 

2. A fillable MS Word document will download 

3. Complete all applicable sections of the form.  Individual Consultants complete only Part A and Part F 

4. When complete, save the form using the following file name convention: “company or individual name_reps certs_date of completion.docx”   Example: abtassociates_reps certs_020413.docx 

5. Email the completed form to or fax to (617) 386-7575. 

Questions? Send an email to  A procurement representative will answer your questions in a timely manner.

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