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Senegal country quote nov 2023

Thanks to coaching and training from the G2G Ops team, we installed software that enabled us to ensure the traceability of daily operations and produce financial reports on time.
Saliou Ndiaye
Accountant responsible for the National Malaria Control Program

Building Strong Communities

At the heart of USAID’s work is the core belief that each country must lead its own development journey. Under the Government to Government Operations (G2G Ops) program, Abt Associates helps USAID and the Government of Senegal execute this vision. We’re reinforcing the national government’s stewardship role, providing incentives for domestic resource mobilization, and strengthening local capacity to manage health, education, water, and sanitation resources.

The project supports USAID and the Ministries of Health and Social Action, Education, and Water and Sanitation in improving functionality and effectiveness. With G2G Ops, Senegal's health, education, and water and sanitation sectors enhance processes and systems to accelerate gains in access to quality services and sustain systemic advances.

Our implementing partners are Association Conseil pour l'Action, ACA African Resources Group, ARG Conseil des Organisations Non Gouvernementales d'Appui au Développement au Sénégal, and CONGAD.

Key Results

  • Improved sectoral performance of 45 targeted responsibility centers as part of capacity building: Ministry of Education: 10, Ministry of Water and Sanitation: 16, Ministry of Health: 19
  • Held 20 multi-sectoral coordination meetings around the Public Expenditure Ordering Directorate
  • Ensured that the Ministry of Health expended 90 percent of their G2G budget activities
The decline in the infant mortality as Abt implemented health systems strengthening programs between 1997 and 2014.

Under the USAID G2G Senegal program, Abt is helping the government improve processes and systems to accelerate and sustain quality gains in service delivery.